Saturday, June 8, 2013

Urban White Trash

*WARNING: This post is offensive. If you have sensitive sensibilities, please stop reading.

I'm from the country, but I am not white trash. Probably the only thing country about me is my taste in music. When I got to college, people always assumed I came from the city, probably because I'm so fashionable and sophisticated (insert silly emoticon).

But last weekend I got to experience a mixture of the rural and urban sides of life. I visited a suburb of Baltimore (already you should know this is not a good area), where just driving down the street makes you feel unsafe. The road is in terrible shape and lined with dollar stores, the sad houses have overgrown lawns and rusty metal fences, and the whole time you're thinking, "Why would people live here?" Mix that with the company I was spending my afternoon with: a couple of people from the ghetto (and, no, not the Jewish kind), some from where I grew up (who use curse words in front of their children and smoke in the backyard in clothes that look like pajamas), and kids who are so clueless you're surprised to hear they actually do attend school. And our activities of choice for the day? Watching country music videos on TV (sadly, this was the highlight of my afternoon), playing rummy with two decks of cards (clearly these people don't understand why games have rules), or stuffing our faces with ice cream cake (most people had two ginormous slices. Just watching these gluttons made me sick.).

Needless to say, it was not a good day, and I cut the afternoon short as quickly as I could. Why did I even bother making potato salad and driving an hour away to subject myself to such First World torture?

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