Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vegetarians/Vegans/Picky Eaters/etc.

Besides my MSG allergy (read more here), I pretty much can eat anything. Growing up, there was no room to be a picky eater. You either ate what Mom made for dinner, or you were going to bed hungry. But she wasn't one of those parents who made you eat everything on your plate (I always hated my friends' parents who were like that), but you had to eat a little bit of everything (it was called the "3 bites rule" which meant taking three bites of everything, and then you didn't have to eat anymore if you didn't want to). This ensured that I would not be a picky eater.

And I could never restrict myself from food like vegetarians and vegans do. For one, I like meat, eggs, cheese, etc. And all of those things are good for you in moderation. I like my calcium and iron, thank you very much! And of course everyone has different reasons for limiting their food options. The reason doesn't matter to me: it's the way you handle yourself about your diet. For one, don't brag about it. No one cares. Secondly, do not ruin everyone else's good time. If all of your friends want to go to a certain restaurant, and you're the only one who has an issue with it because you'll have to eat a boring salad, suck it up. It's simply rude to put your needs before the group's. Besides, most likely you put these restrictions upon yourself; you chose this lifestyle, so you're doing to have to deal with the fact that most people (in America at least) are not like you. And if you do agree to eat at the restaurant with your friends, do NOT make a face at them when they order burgers and say, "Ew, how can you eat that?" If you behave in this manner, I guarantee you will begin to lose friends, and quickly. And all of this goes for picky eaters: either grow up and expand your food horizons, or pack a PB&J sandwich with you at all times just in case. Don't make me listen to you complain about how you don't like vegetables because they're "icky." Really? Did you never leave the elementary school cafeteria?

Part of being an adult is taking care of yourself. I think the only way I'd be considered a picky eater is that I mainly eat healthy things (okay, besides dessert). Fried chicken is not my food of choice. But if someone wants to go to KFC, you know I'll be there tasting all of their sides (the sides are so good! Best coleslaw ever!). So eat a healthy diet, but don't push it on other people. We don't like it!

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