Sunday, June 16, 2013

Live Theater

This past weekend, I saw a play at the Round House Theater in Bethesda. I didn't even know the cute little theater was there until a friend asked me if I wanted to see the play Becky Shaw there. The venue is amazing (you can't find a bad seat!), and while the story was about a dysfunctional family, there was plenty of humor and actors were great. I actually ran into one of the actresses the next day on the street, so I was glad I could thank her for her performance in person!

I've never participated in theater myself. Sure, I was part of the "stage crew" in middle school, but that doesn't count. I never acted in any school plays, and honestly had no interest in doing so. However, I could always appreciate how much work the performers put into the shows. Growing up, I would see plays at the Church Hill Theater with my family. We always looked forward to it, especially when you sometimes have little access to live theater out in the country. In college I saw friends perform shows like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hair. And did you know there is a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at E Street Cinemas in DC once a month? How cool is that?

I always feel more cultured after seeing a play. I feel like such a grown up. I had so much fun last weekend with my friend. Dinner and a play beats hanging out in a dive bar any day!

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