Monday, June 3, 2013


Tennis is one of those sports that I think everyone should be able to play. In the age of an obesity epidemic, anything that gets people active (especially kids) is a good thing. And tennis is a form of exercise that's fun, gets people outside, and doesn't take much equipment (unlike ice hockey, etc.). I didn't start playing tennis until high school, and even then I would just play with my dad for fun on weekends. I took some PE classes in college, and that's probably when I was at my best, since I was playing two times a week. I played with my dad this weekend (the first time since last summer), but it's a sport that comes right back to you. You may not be as good, but you remember the different grips of the racket, how high to toss the ball for your serve, etc. It's a fun sport, and all you need is a friend to come play with you! So get out there this summer and hit the courts!

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