Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hashtag Trends on Twitter

I don't usually follow the hashtag trends on Twitter unless it's something major, like the Olympics or some holiday. But occasionally I do like the idea that hundreds (if not thousands) of people are using the same cute hashtags to spread an idea.

For instance, I was at a conference for work, and we had a special hashtag for the retreat. It was fun following all the tweets that people were posting relating back to the conference. It also helped me find people who were at the event whom I didn't know before!

And just the other day the #sixwords and #sixlies trends started. Now, I love being snarky and sarcastic, so I totally glommed onto this idea. I posted "I really care about your feelings" and "I love taking red eye flights," along with others. And of course it's fun to see what other people write. I think my favorite was, "You're the love of my life" #sixlies from comedian Michael Ian Black.

So check out the trends and get to tweeting!

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