Friday, September 20, 2013

TV show review: Undercover Boss: Australia

So I'm sure you've all heard of the show Undercover Boss. But did you know that there are international versions, too? The shows from the UK, Canada, and Australia are available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

I have been watching the Australian version, and it is just how you'd expect it to be. For starters, they all have cute accents; whether you can actually understand what they are saying is irrelevant.  And they are all quite happy, all the time; even as the workers and the undercover boss are doing dirty jobs like scrubbing toilets and dealing with garbage, they still smile, laugh, and joke the whole way through. And even when the undercover boss catches employees being unprofessional on the job, they just blame themselves and the company, saying that the employees need more training; they never get angry at the employees themselves.

Once the undercover boss reveals himself or herself (yes, female CEOs participate, too!), they sweetly give out "prizes" to the employees they worked with, from family vacations to donations to specific charities to surfboards. Everyone is happy and crying, and they give each other "cuddles" (i.e. hugs) before saying good-bye. And the Australian version added the nice ending of having the undercover boss give a presentation in front of all the staff, and he or she shows video clips from the undercover adventure, which is quite humble and funny of them.

I definitely recommend watching it! I'll get to the other versions at some point!

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