Thursday, September 5, 2013

Movie Review: Blue Jasmine

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I had never seen any previews for Blue Jasmine: all I knew was that it was a Woody Allen film, and therefore I had to see it.

When I bought my tickets ahead of time, there were two women in front of me saying that this movie was not the usual "laughing fest" this most of Allen's films are. I asked them then if it wasn't worth seeing, but they said it was still very good, just not as silly as one would tend to expect.

Here is my synopsis of the movie. There is a snobbish woman Jasmine (played by Cate Blanchett) who marries well and gets used to the luxurious lifestyle that her husband provides for her in New York City. But once he is arrested for making his millions through illegal means, she must move in with her sister to a hovel in San Francisco. Throughout the film there are flashbacks to her fancy life, and then she is ricocheted back to reality. All of this sends her into her own form of insanity.

I enjoyed the film, but even as I am writing this post, I realize it is not memorable enough for me to even describe what I liked about it. The costumes were amazing (who doesn't love the fashion sense of a New York socialite?), and I certainly laughed out loud a couple of times, but I can't really tell you much more than that.

So, I'd watch it again, but I wouldn't rush out to own it on Blu-ray.

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