Sunday, September 8, 2013

Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company

Last night, I got to see the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv comedy group. I had only ever seen improv at school (unless you count Whose Line Is It Anyway?), but I always enjoyed it, so I was interested to see some professionals live in action. And I was not disappointed! A group of four (two men and two women) was on stage, and they were funny from start to finish. They started the show asking the audience what the hot topics were in DC. Answers included Syria and gentrification, typical political stuff, as well as events like Jazz Fest and Beer Fest. Then they called up a member of the audience, asking for someone who had a good story from the summer (stories included a girl who went on a bus tour of Canada with her family and a bunch of "octogenarians," and a man proposing to his girlfriend in a car wash). They chatted for about five to ten minutes to get material for the show, the conversation in itself amusing, and then the group started its act. It always amazes me how an improv group can just take a couple of words and/or scenarios and make a comedy show out of it all.I definitely recommend seeing them if they come to your city!

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