Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cape Cod: 2013

 So, you already read about my flight to Cape Cod last week. But what about the rest of my vacation? My friend picked me up, we went to lunch (fish tacos!yum!), and proceeded to move a bunch of her things from one house to another. After she spent a few more hours at work (I sunbathed on the green meanwhile), we went to the grocery store and had our own little barbeque at her house (her house just for another week or so before she moves again. These seasonal homes, jeez!). It was nice having a relaxing evening just to catch up.

The next two days were spent entirely out on the water. We took out "The Caliper," my friend's 17-foot O'Day sailboat. Last year it was too early in the season for boating, but this year, that was all we did. We took the boat out to Devil's Foot, a small island pretty close to the harbor. We spent ALL day out there sunbathing, and only came in around dinner time. My friend dropped me off on land (Relaxing is hard work! I was tired!) and went out again, and she even slept on her boat that night!

The next day was much the same. We went through "the guts" (under a bridge we a strong current) and settled in "Hadley's," an incredible shallow beach where we parked the boat for the rest of the day. Again, we partook in some skinny dipping (or just laying out try to get rid of our tan lines), and lounged under "the cabana" (If you didn't notice, her sailboat has no mast nor sail. In it's place, we would put a large beach umbrella. What a great idea!). Throughout both days we would run into other people, most of whom my friend knew, and we would hang out on their boats, too, livin' the dream.

This is my favorite picture from the trip. My friend is all sorts of crazy (in the best ways!), and this photo is the epitome of her. Neon pink inner tube, cowboy hat, and green reflective sunglasses. Clearly this girl knows how to have a good time. Besides boating, we saw a movie (I'll write a review later), ate several meals at Parkside (such good pancakes and sandwiches!), and did a little shopping in Falmouth. I bought a Cape Cod sweatshirt that I will definitely be rockin' next summer when I visit again.

 Another great trip! Honestly, Cape Cod is the place where people started using the word "summer" as a verb. You just can't beat it!

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