Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hindu Poem

As a man in the arms of his beloved
is not aware of what is without
and what is within,
so a person in union with the Self
is not aware of what is without
and what is within,
for in that unitive state,
all desires find their perfect fulfillment.
There is no other desire
that needs to be fulfilled,
and one goes beyond sorrow.
In that unitive state there is
neither father nor mother,
neither worlds nor gods,
nor even scriptures.
In that state there is neither
thief nor slayer,
neither low caste nor high,
neither monk nor ascetic.
The Self is beyond good and evil,
beyond all the suffering of the human heart.
— Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

I like this poem because it's all about being harmony: harmony between yourself (both physical and spiritual), your environment, your destiny, etc. Lately, I have been closest to self-peace as I have been in a while. Everything is going right, and I like to take a moment every day (i.e. during prayer) to appreciate my life and where it is at right now. We should all hope to reach those moments when it feels like everything stops because just then everything is how it is supposed to be. Whether we can make that moment last for eternity is a little far-fetched, but to strive to achieve more of those perfect moments of serenity is possible.

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