Friday, September 6, 2013

Make your dreams come true

I was watching an episode of Breaking Pointe a couple of weeks ago, and the friend of one of the dancers said: "I want you to follow whatever your dream is, but I don't want you to give up a dream for someone else's dream. I want it to be your dream." I thought this was such good advice! Although you may want to help make someone else's dream come true, if it interferes with your own goals and aspirations, then don't do it. Don't give up a job you love because your current love interest asks you to move across the country with him. Don't take a second mortgage out on your house and go into deep debt because your child insists on wanting to go to boarding school. Don't become a doctor because your grandmother always wanted to brag to her friends about her grandchild's medical degree. Don't get a boob job because your husband wants you to. Don't agree to be a bridesmaid in a wedding for a girl friend you never even actually liked. If you are doing anything that takes away from your own happiness, DON'T DO IT.

Can you think of any other examples? Share them with me!

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