Monday, April 8, 2013

If it has a hole in it, throw it away!

Now I like to consider myself a pretty frugal person, and as such I try to make wise use of everything I have. I hate throwing away food, and I take good care of my clothes so I can wear them for years (I even have some skirts that I've had since middle school. And yes, they still fit, thank you very much!). But eventually things wear out. Like everyone else, I too have had a fun polka-dot pair of socks that have eventually grown a hole in the toe. But as much as we like silly, sentimental things like this, it's best to just throw them away. It's unsightly to wear clothing that has holes in it (okay, other than the arm and head holes of a shirt. Let's not get crazy now...). This is a lesson that men learn more slowly than women. You should NOT wear clothes with holes: they are now rags, not items of clothing. Now if you're going to go on saying how some people cannot afford better clothes, I'm going to rebut that with this: If you're reading this blog (i.e. the audience for which this blog is meant), you most likely own a computer or a smartphone, and if you own either of those things, then you can afford to get a new pair of socks. There's no reason to look like a ragga-muffin when you aren't one. So in the trash they go!

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