Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Staying fresh in HOT weather

It was in the 90s this week in DC. In April! We went from snow in late March to summer in 3.5 seconds. There's global warming for ya...

Needless to say, I kind of felt like I was melting when I walked outside on those hot days. Not to say that I didn't like it, because I much prefer hot weather to cold, and I will NEVER complain about a sunny day. But the heat can be a teensy bit uncomfortable when you're not used to it. So here are some ways to feel fresher in the heat:

1. Bring your deodorant everywhere. Carry it in your purse or leave a stick in your desk at work, wherever you can access it during the day. Because while it's fun to spend your lunch break out in the sunshine, after about 30 minutes you might feel a little, well, you know (No word sounds polite or ladylike here. Sweaty, damp, smelly...they're all gross, but you know the feeling I'm talking about).

2. Wash your face mid-day. After said lunch break, your face might also feel grimy. I always like to use Clearasil face wipes,which remove the oils and dirt from your skin. In the winter your skin is drier and therefore isn't as oily, but in the summer it's nice to have something with you to remove the shine from your "T-zone."

3. Only wear eyeliner and mascara on your top lid/lashes. Your make-up can start to melt away in the heat, and then you are left with a dark residue of where the make-up was and where it has now migrated to. So to keep from looking like you have dark bags under your eyes in the middle of the day, don't use mascara on your bottom lashes or line your lower lash line.

Be prepared for the warmer weather to come in the next few months (or next week, who knows)!

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