Friday, April 26, 2013

Silly traditions

Random thoughts for the day (oh, wait, that's all of my blog posts...):

You know how some athletes have a routine they do before they make a move? Like a tennis player bouncing a ball three times before tossing it for a serve? Or a baseball player swinging the bat a couple of times before settling in for a pitch? Well, I have little traditions like that for myself. I like to take in a deep breath (what I call a "cleansing breath") right before I close by eyes to go to sleep. For the last two years I've worn orange on my birthday (it's a happy color that draws lots of attention). I always wear light pink nail polish for important occasions (it looks best on my skin tone, whether I'm tan from the sun in the summer or pale in the middle of winter). And while I have teeny reasons for doing them, I can't help but continue to do these little things. "Humans are creatures of habit," and once we start doing something, we just settle in and repeat. Some of these habits are unhealthy (like smoking a pack a day), while others are so miniscule you wonder why you even do them over and over again.

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