Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making friends after college

When I moved to DC, I was very lucky to already have a great group of friends in the city. However, while I hang out with at least one sorority sister every week, I have been trying to branch out. I think a huge part of being a young professional in a city is meeting new people. And this doesn't have to just mean dates! I have really tried to meet other women who I get along with, and so far I'm very pleased with my progress! For one, I've met some great girls through work. Some are co-workers, others work for the same company but in a different office, and a couple have been volunteers. While I still work with these women in a professional manner, I also see them outside of the office for after-work drinks or weekend luncheons. Through networking in the "green" field in DC, I've also met some women with whom I grab drinks or hang out with in a friendly capacity. I've even struck up conversations on the metro and walking down the sidewalk! And while I haven't known any of these "new" girls for very long, I have very high hopes that we will continue to get to know one another and soon become close friends like those I made in college. Meeting new people and making these new connections is one of the most fun things about growing up; I'm not sure you can even call yourself a grown up if all of your friends are still the same people who you've been hanging out with for the last 4+ years of your life. I don't want to relive my college experience: I'm ready to make new memories with new people! So get out there and meet new people!

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