Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Annoying people at the gym

This is not about generic annoying people at the gym. Not the people who sprint on the treadmill or don't wipe down the machines after using them. Those complaints can wait until another day. I just want to whine about some particular people tonight.

I get to the gym a little early before my yoga class, so I have to listen to the Zumba instructor screech at her minions. Then I notice a man not in gym clothes (what is more irritating than seeing someone in jeans at the gym?) who's waiting around, and later (after eavesdropping on his conversation) I learn he is the screecher's husband. He was waiting for her to finish her class because there was going to be a baby shower for her at the gym afterwards. See, pregnant women already bother me, but then add the Zumba maniacs saying things like, "Every baby is a miracle" (um, no, it's biology. Do you think every puppy or duckling is a miracle? Probably not. Therefore human offspring are not either.) and her hubby saying, "All she talks about is you guys!" (yeah, it's her job. If she were a lawyer she'd talk about her clients. People talk about their work 24/7: it takes up the majority of someone's time!). My yoga class hasn't even started yet, and now I'm going to have to work even harder to de-stress after listening to this rubbish.

Finally, I get settled into my yoga class. Then THREE people show up late. One, just the sound of them coming into the room jostles my concentration. But then there isn't enough space in the back of the room, so I have to move my mat several times in order to make space for these people who don't have the courtesy to be punctual. I'm trying to concentrate on my breathing, and instead I'm wriggling around trying to make other people comfortable. Yeah. You're welcome.

Clearly yoga didn't help me relax, as evidence of this blog rant.

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