Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Ready for Love"

I apologize for another late post...

Tonight is the third episode of the new reality TV show, "Ready for Love." I randomly came across the premiere one night after yoga, and now I'm hooked. It's a train wreck you just can't look away from.

It's sort of the like "The Bachelor" except there are three men. Each of them starts with 12 women, hand-picked by three matchmakers (somehow Patti Stanger was overlooked), and each episode they have to send girl(s) home. There are the loathed group dates and then the individual "alone time" dates. And in the end, these men hope that each of them will find "The One." Out of 12 women. Yeah...Anyhoo, the show is pretty "normal" when it comes to dating reality TV shows. There are the hot tub make-out sessions, the petty cat fats between the girls, and women crying after two dates saying, "I loved him so much!" It's all so ridiculous and silly, but I am just so curious to see who "wins." I'll note that the show is pretty predictable as to who is sent home, so I figure I already know who's going to remain at the very end. It's just too easy to guess!

My main thought is: if these guys are so good-looking and rich, why are they still single? Something's gotta be wrong with them, but what? Maybe we'll learn about their baggage and dirty laundry as the season continues...

Watch on NBC at 9pm every Tuesday! And follow me on Twitter (@KEArion) for live tweets during the show!

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