Friday, May 31, 2013

"Like a Prayer"

Just like every other girl who's ever gone to an 80's-themed dance party in college, Madonna's "Like a Prayer" immediately becomes your dance anthem. And for some reason, 97.1 WASH FM likes to play it. A lot. So if you see me driving up Wisconsin Avenue to work in my sexy (not) Honda Civic with my window rolled all the way down, I'm probably jammin' to this tune. Below are some photos documenting my fun 80's times at Dartmouth. Because everyone dressed like this back then.

I remember buying that shirt at some random store near my grandma's house in New York. It's a man's shirt, but it was probably less than $10, and I knew exactly where I'd wear it, so I bought it. And I knew those silly scrunchies my mom had would come in handy some day!

 My sister visited me for one of the big weekends at school, and I wanted to show her a good time. I told her ahead of time to bring 80's stuff, but I let her borrow the shoes and earrings to complete the ensemble.

I also bought this dress in New York, somewhere near Union Square. I think it was around $40, which was a little steep seeing as I was just an intern barely making anything during that entire spring. But how could I leave a dress with a zipper running down the front?! I had to have it. It had to be mine!

My sorority sisters and I love this party, so we always liked to go together. The dress I'm wearing was actually a bequest from one of my fellow Thetas. "Put it on, wear it out!"

Notice that the pink tights and black leg warmers have made a second appearance here...And I'm wearing the big heart earrings my sister wore...Reduce, reuse, recycle!

 Again with the heart earrings. And this time I paid homage to Top Gun with my aviator sunglasses (another bequest). And my friend Forrest here broke out the pink jacket. LOVE IT!

Yep, those 80's dance parties at Sigma Nu are some of my favorite college memories. I'm so glad I documented them!

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