Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cape Cod: 2012

Okay, here's the post you've all been waiting for: my update about my trip to Cape Cod! Well, I should specify that we were in Woods Hole, a certain part of the Cape. It's known for its marine biology labs, and a good number of people I met up there (including my friend) work in those labs. I went last year to visit this same friend, and it was so much fun, so we decided to do it again! Since I didn't have a blog last summer, I will start off with last year's trip.

These photos therefore are from June 2012. This is a picture of Eel Pond, where a lot of people keep their boats (rather than in the harbor). My first trip to Eel Pond was quite an adventure. My friend and I attempted to bring a row boat to the pond by putting the boat on top of our bikes...Yeah, that didn't work. But a nice man helped drive the boat to the pond. Then we had to motor her sailboat to the middle of the pond to its mooring, and rowed the the other boat (which had a hole in it, by the way), back to shore!
 Last year, my friend's car was broken (actually, it burst into flames maybe a month before I arrived), so we biked everywhere. I had not ridden a bike since I was 10 years old, but it came right back to me, just like the saying goes. We biked all around town and over 8 miles on Martha's Vineyard. So athletic!
 This was one of many amazing buildings on the Vineyard. They all had an old-school feel about them and were painted in all different colors. We didn't go to the Vineyard this summer, but I figured I had see most of it last year, so that was fine by me.
This was the backdrop from my last day at the Cape last year. We were lounging on a private beach (i.e. owned by someone else), but no one was around, so we made ourselves comfortable. It was pretty excluded, so we were topless (so risque!). A few other people showed up, and I kept waiting for someone to reprimand me for being half naked, but no one said a word! I guess no one is offended by perky little boobs that are barely noticeable when I'm laying in a supine position.

Obviously this was an awesome trip, hence the one in 2013!

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