Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Online Surveys and Voting

So, if you can't tell that I love sharing my opinions, clearly you have just started reading my blog. But blogging is not the only way I make my opinions known on the internet. Here are a couple other activities I enjoy that let my voice be heard:

1. Twitter: I will @-mention organizations, sports teams, products, etc. that I love/like/hate. This way, they get my direct feedback instantaneously in 140 characters or less!

2. Voting in online polls. I'm sure there are many topics on which you can vote online, but the only ones I really participate in are those from People magazine. You can vote on "Who wore it best?" or "What's her best side?" (fact: it's almost always the 3/4 view of the face, which is between a frontal view and profile view). I love comparing actresses who wore the same designer dress or seeing Kate Middleton at every angle imaginable. I'm a vicarious fashionista!

3. Online surveys. I'd say I get at least one email a day for online surveys. You frequently get rewarded for your time (you get paid a little bit for each survey, and in the end you can cash in those credits for gift cards), so it's an easy way to make a little money on the side. Here are a few of my favorites:

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