Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beyonce's "Beautiful Liar" feat. Shakira

This is the sexiest music video of all time. I get chills every time I watch it!

For one, both of them are beautiful women. They have curvy bodies, and I mean curvy in the best way (hourglass figures), not the worst (a euphemism for fat). And they show off their curves in this video: I wish I could dance like that!  Plus, the costumes are amazing. Too bad we can't wear awesome outfits like that all the time!

The scenery is enticing, too.The smoke at the beginning of the video just covers everything in mystery. There's something that makes you interested in seeing what those billowing clouds are hiding. The same goes for the silk fabric hanging down all around, making you curious about what's under the sheets.

And the play between the two women is incredible. The mirroring of their movements makes them so in sync that sometimes it's hard to tell who's who. The idea that they are both dating the same man, but come together to realize he's "not worth the drama" is super-sexy, since most women in real life couldn't stand the "other" woman. Another girl power song. And who better to have sing it than two divas like Beyonce and Shakira?

And maybe I just wish I had big hair like them...Definitely my girl fantasy!

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