Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snacks in my desk

In college, I got used to eating all the time. I'd get hungry during class, after class, before class, late at night while studying...No wonder I put on 20 pounds. Now I'm in much better shape and go to the gym much more often than in school (almost every day, sometimes twice a day, rather than every other day), but I still have the munchies almost constantly. I try to abate my hunger by eating a large breakfast and drinking lots of water throughout the day. That definitely helps, but sometimes I still get in a snacky mood. So I'm always prepared for when I have a grumbly tumbly!

I keep trail mix or mixed nuts for when I get hungry before lunch. This is a healthy snack with lots of protein, and it holds me over until lunchtime. The sweet things, like Skittles or Back to Nature cookies, are for after lunch, when I just need something sugary to cleanse my pallet. And anything else, like Cheetos or whatever else I may have in there, are for emergencies only; I don't usually eat them, but if I brought a really small lunch (or forgot one entirely), then they would come to the rescue.

What do you usually snack on at work/school?

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  1. I usually get a case of the munchies under these 3 scenarios: 1) I'm at work 2) it's been a while since I've had a meal 3) I'm up late. My snacks of choice are usually granola bars, trail mix, cereal, nuts, yogurt, bananas and other fruit. Actually just writing this post is making me hungry so I'll go have a snack now.