Saturday, July 27, 2013

Union Market's Drive-In Movie

Last night was Friday night, and God forbid I stay home alone on a Friday night. So I called up my friend Hannah, and she mentioned that during the summer, Union Market has a drive-in movie on Friday nights. How cool is that? I've only been to Union Market once, so I definitely thought a second trip was in order. Plus, I've never been to a drive-in before! And it was as fun as I imagined! There was a long line of cars waiting to park, but we easily were able to get a spot. We walked around the market for a bit, bought milkshakes (I can't resist!), and just wandered while waiting for the movie to start. There were girls on roller skates serving patrons in cars, just like the olden days, so that was fun. For entertainment, there were volunteers dressed up as snack foods (hotdog, Sno Caps, a soda, popcorn) playing games with selected audience members; this was pretty hard to watch, and the jokes were so horrible, but I guess they had to use up time somehow. After we had had enough of that, we nestled ourselves back in the car. We watched The American President, which I hadn't seen since I was very young. The movie was good, and afterwards it didn't take long for the parking lot to empty out. Definitely a fun way to spend a summer night!

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