Monday, July 22, 2013

Brunch at Le Diplomate

Yesterday afternoon, on a gorgeous summer day, I got together with a friend for brunch at Le Diplomate near Logan Circle in DC. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of our delicious meals (I didn't want to be that girl), but I will describe the food as best as I can. Instead, enjoy this photo of Sara and me (love that crop top. I'll have to write a post about that fashion trend...).

First of all, the restaurant is on the corner of Q Street and 14th Street, so it's a straight shot from Dupont Circle, which is very convenient. And though you may think it will be another small restaurant packed into the city, it actually is quite spacious. There are two indoor dining rooms, and plenty of outdoor seating under cute umbrellas. We were seated inside, where the skylights, large windows and mirrors and green tiled walls made you feel like you were eating in a plant house or indoor porch (much to my delight. Sunshine without the heat? Perfect combo!).

Our waitress happily greeted us (though asked us, "Would you like bottled or sparkling water?" Don't let them fool you: they have tap water. Those two aren't the only choices!) and promptly took our order. Sara got the Gruyère omelet, while I ordered the eggs Benedict (with a side of bacon. I can't enjoy brunch without bacon!). While we waited, we envied those next to us who were already served, the yummy smells wafting over our table. Once our plates were brought over, our meals looked just as divine as they tasted; the presentation was lovely, with yellow eggs and perfectly browned potatoes, and tiny cups of ketchup placed delicately on our plates (no bottle needed!). And while our order of homemade pastries was served late to us, each one was as tasty as the next. The assortment included croissants, a blueberry muffin, and several types of strudel and scones. And since we didn't get them before our meal as we had asked, the pastries were on the house! Free pastries are even yummier!

So: great location, wonderful atmosphere, amazing food, and friendly customer service. You can't get any better than that! Le Diplomate, I will be back!

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  1. Why not post on YELP about any restaurant you like (or don't like). Who knows, it may help their business. Also, it would inform others (out of towners) and may temp them to try the restaurant!!