Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Multiple Email Accounts

I don't know how anyone can survive with only one email account anymore. With all of the spam I get, as well as emails from stores I like or Meet-Up groups I'm a part of, I could never keep it all straight with just one inbox (I already feel overwhelmed as it is!). So, I try to keep things organized with two personal email accounts. One is for family and friends, as well as receipts for any shopping I do (stores, plane tickets, etc.). I must say, although I disliked Gmail's new format of multiple tabs for your inbox [Primary, Social, and Promotions], it has certainly grown on me. Now, it will separate emails from my loved ones, from Twitter, and from my Living Social/Groupon emails. My second email address is for anything relating to Meet-Up, Belief Net, or online dating (well, it used to be for that until I gave OkCupid up...). These are emails that I eventually will get to, but I just don't need to look at them RIGHT now; they can wait.

And of course work emails are separate by nature. Imagine mixing personal AND professional emails with one another! That's like dating someone at work: it's messy.

How do you keep your inbox(es) tidy?

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  1. I have three personal e-mail accounts: gmail, hotmail and yahoo. My gmail account is my most guarded account and I only give that to people I know; I never register for anything with it. On average, I get less than one e-mail per day there. My yahoo is on the opposite end of the spectrum... when the risk of spam is high and the content is not important, I give out that account. Hotmail is in the middle where if the risk of spam is moderate and the content is fairly important, I use that address. My phone flashes a green led light when I get a gmail message, a blue led light when I get a hotmail message, and I don't get any notifications at all when I get a yahoo message. For me the new gmail tab structure is not that useful because I already have things separated and notifying how I want, based on importance. For someone who uses only gmail, it might be very handy. At work we have corporate gmail and I use many of gmail's features like filters and labels because I get so many e-mails every day.