Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Wedges and espadrilles are my FAVORITE shoes of the summer. They seem casual because of their rope/wood/cork/etc. wedge, but they're also fancy because they're high heels. Except more comfortable than stilettos.

So, starting from left to right:

1. These are brown Colin Stuart shoes from Victoria's Secret. This is actually the second pair of these that I've owned. I loved them so much that when the first pair broke after many years of use, I was ecstatic that I could easily replace them with an exact replica. These are my go-to pair of this category.

2. These are very similar to the first except that they have a rope that you wrap up your calf to hold them onto your feet. While this look is very sexy, you have to tie the ropes very tightly to keep them on your legs, and the marks left on your flesh when you take them off is not sexy. So, I don't wear these very often.

3. These were a cute little find at Target. They were the right price, and they were my first pair of black wedges. I had brown, but what about black?!

4. I don't buy many Steve Madden shoes anymore because of this pair. While they are adorable (and quite nautical, perfect for summer), that stupid label on each of Madden's shoes tears up the bottom of my feet and gives me huge blisters. I actually cut out the label from this pair so that I could wear them! So, I wear these for occasions when I won't need to wear them long, but that's it.

5. This is the newest pair of the collection, and I am in LOVE. These also are from Victoria's Secret, and they immediately make me feel sexier when I put them on. They are four inches high, so already I feel like a glamazon. They just seem to spice up any outfit!

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  1. I luuuurve espadrilles! I was wearing a very tall pair during the DC earthquake that made evacuating down 8 flights of stairs a bit challenging.