Friday, July 12, 2013

Pampering: Massages

I am visiting my parents for a long weekend, and today my mother and I got massages at Alexander's of Annapolis. I had only had one massage before this (we went to the Mountain View Grand Resort before my college graduation), so I figured I'd like to go again.

While having a massage is pretty much always nice, there is a spectrum of good massage therapists, techniques, etc. While I liked the massage in general, it was not the experience I had hoped for. For one, my massage therapist was not a people-person, which is quite annoying when she works in a customer service job. She was curt, unfriendly, and it felt like she rushed through the hour-long appointment. I prefer someone to greet me with a smile, and who makes me feel at home at the salon. To me, the massage felt more like going through the motions than actually enjoying the experience.

So, you have to remember that "fancy" things like massages can be hit or miss. Just because you pay $100 for something, that doesn't mean you're going to have a great experience. I recommend that instead of going to an everyday salon, go get a massage when you are on vacation and staying somewhere (probably a resort) where the whole point is to give you the best experience. Everyone wants to make you happy when you're on vacation, so the customer service should be better!

Of course, if someone else is buying, then I suppose it doesn't matter too much...

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