Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gasland Part II

Last night, I saw the Josh Fox movie Gasland Part II at E Street Cinema. Of course I'm interested in environmental issues, and the tickets were free, so a friend and I went. This second film was as moving as the first: you sympathize with the families who are affected by gas drilling, you're enraged by the oil and gas companies that are destroying not only the earth but the public health in those areas, you're disappointed that the United States federal government hasn't done more to protect its own citizens.Gasland Part II is one of those documentaries that makes you feel many different emotions, but at the end, you're still asking yourself, "What can I do?" It seems hopeless trying to negotiate with the oil industry or to speak with local legislators: only money talks there. But director Fox has taken a stand by making movies like this. Yes, he's only one man, but with these films he has given local families and communities a voice. When speaking with Fox, he mentioned that he's already thinking about a third Gasland film. I hope that with each movie he makes, people will become even more aware of the dangers associated with fracking, and will take a stand for what is right, just as Fox has.

*Yep, totally has to keep myself from acting like a groupie and freaking out when Josh Fox shook my hand.

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