Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friends' Birthdays

Maybe I'm just good with numbers (Yeah, right. Calculus was the bane of my existence my freshman year of college), but I always remember people's birthdays. Even now I can remember the birthdays of people I went to elementary school with even though I haven't seen them in over ten years. This could be because I put such an emphasis on my own birthday (the whole month of April, as well as the first two weeks of May, are fair game for celebrating my April 27th birthday). But birthdays were always a big deal in my house growing up: My father would decorate a banner and tape it on my bedroom door so that it would be the first thing I saw when I woke up; birthday parties full of little girls was the norm every spring (since my sister was born in May). So it only makes sense that for my birthday I must have all of my friends with me as I drink my bottle of peach André champagne to celebrate another year of me. And perhaps because I insist on being treated as the best thing ever to come around since sliced bread, I make sure to shower my friends with the same attention on their special days. I will buy your meal, your drink(s), and whatever little trinket I find that makes me think of you. You will receive a text from me. And even before your birthday you'll probably get a card in the mail (I always send them early so you can enjoy them for longer!). Birthdays are the one day that is all about you and only you (well, unless you were born on Christmas or have a twin. Then you've got some competition). So live it up, and in return, make sure to celebrate your friends' birthdays as if they were your own!

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