Monday, February 18, 2013

Pink Nation

This post is meant for yesterday...

So, I joined Victoria's Secret's Pink Nation in the spring of 2009. I forget how I heard about it, but I knew you could get deals and steals by joining (for free), so I did. For becoming a new member, I received a free over-sized tote bag, which to this day I still use as a laundry bag. So, I assumed that I would get lots of other freebies and prizes, too. Occasionally I receive coupons in the mail for a free thong or something like that, but all in all, Pink Nation has been quite a disappointment. Sure, I can get some perfume if I spend $75, but for someone who has a bra in every color and 50+ pairs of panties, I'm not going to spend $75 at Victoria's Secret. Every once in a while, Pink Nation will host "exclusive" after-hour parties at PINK stores across the country. I finally went to one last night, and it will be the last. First of all, it's not exclusive. I made sure to print up my ticket and everything, but honestly, any woman who walked into the store was allowed to attend. Secondly, the deals are nothing to rave about: $10 off of $50, $15 off of $75, etc. You could win free stuff, but it's through a raffle, and of course you have to be there to win; the raffle doesn't even start until half an hour into the party, so if you show up on time (like I did), you're going to have to stand around for 30 minutes just for the chance that MAYBE you'll win something (which I'm sure was something lame like an Iphone cover or a feather-weight T-shirt that will disintegrate the first time you wash it). Plus, this morning I received an email about getting those same deals even if you were unable to make it to the event; why would anyone bother going to the party in the first place then? I will not revoke my Pink Nation membership, but I will no longer try to convince my friends to join either.

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