Thursday, February 28, 2013


I feel like most people fall into two categories when it comes to Starbucks: they either love it and go all the time, or they never go because they think it's too mainstream and/or overrated. And then there are a couple of us who fall in the middle: I love me a delicious chai latte, but I hate paying over $4 for the smallest size. So I really only go once in a while. Sometimes I'll treat myself, but mostly it's when I'm with my mom (who is definitely in category A), or if she has bought me a gift card, in which case I feel obligated to be done with it and I take all my friends so we can finish it off. So if I were to give Starbucks a grade, I guess it would be a B+. Their drinks taste amazing (though their baked goods are so-so), but the prices are outrageous.

I'm afraid I might get some serious hate-mail from some die-hard Starbucks fans...

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