Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sample Sales

Sample sales are an amazing way to get designer clothes for a low price. My first sample sale was in New York City. I was living there while I had an internship my sophomore year of college, and I saw in one of the "express" newspapers that there was going to be a Vera Wang sample sale downtown. I HAD to go. I was one of the first people in line, and once we were inside, I was surrounded by beautiful pieces. There were cute suits, gorgeous dresses, and fun accessories. I myself came across this amazing jacket: the cut was so interesting, the colors were classic, and I was realizing that offices are always cold and I needed some professional jackets. I immediately called my mother to tell her that this was what I wanted for my birthday, so I used my parents' handy-dandy credit card to make this lovely purchase (well, and along with another cute jacket/shrug...sorry I don't have a photo!).

Then last night a few co-workers and I went to Crystal City Couture in Arlington, VA. While I was underwhelmed by the runway shows and the types of boutiques featured, I was adamant that I find something. Of course the first thing that caught my eye were these green and blue unicorn figurines at one of the vintage tables; unfortunately they were not for sale, so that burst that bubble. But then I came across the works of LShandi. The fabrics are so intricate, flowers and swirly designs sewn onto this delicate fabric. Although they weren't "one of a kind" (there were multiples of each design on the rack), I had never seen anything like them before. My wardrobe is all-encompassing, so when I find an item that is completely unique from anything else I own, I must buy it! I can't wait to wear this top this summer with a fun cami underneath (or not if I'm feeling scandalous) and a great pair of jeans. What an amazing find! 

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