Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Out with anger, in with love"

I just heard this saying today, and it has already become my mantra. Sometimes when you're super-frustrated or angry about something, you'll just keep it inside and let it fester, which only makes you feel worse. Now I'm not saying to chew your co-worker out or go crazy on your date who stood you up last week just to relieve some stress. You want to get it out, but let's do so in a ladylike fashion. For one, you can always vent to a family member or friend who is completely outside of the situation: he or she can be a supportive listener without having a bias. And of course I would advocate exercising to release those angry feelings: go for a long run on your favorite trail, take a kickboxing class at your gym, or try some yoga poses, all the while repeating this quote in your mind. Just thinking, "Out with anger, in with love" may be calming enough, telling yourself not to dwell on these things, and to embrace the most important emotion of all: love. Love for your friends, love for your health, love for yourself.

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