Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Valentine's Wish List

Now that it's February, I can't help but notice that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The candy displays in CVS alone give it away. But of course all of the women I'm around are talking about it. Some innocently contemplate the fact that they get to wear pink and red at the same time (because we fashionistas know that this is usually a faux pas). Others bemoan the fact that they are in long-distance relationships and want to throw themselves a pity party (which I don't condone). But the majority are thinking, "What is he going to get me this year?!" Some men may be very good at picking out clothes or jewelry on their own, but I'd say in general, they don't have a clue. So that is why I'm writing my Valentine's Wish List. Of course I would never actually assume I would receive ALL of these things on one Valentine's Day; this can be my lifelong list. And some of these items I know are absolutely ridiculous, but that's what wish lists are for: dreaming up the silliest things that would happen in your wildest dreams, but not actually thinking you'll need this stuff.

1. Bouquet of flowers: This one is kinda mandatory. Not getting flowers on Valentine's Day is like not eating cake on your birthday. And they don't necessarily have to be roses; I'm not a flower snob and I think they are all beautiful. Now on how to receive said flowers...In person always works, obviously. But sending flowers is just as fun. Having flowers sent to your office is the best, since they liven up your desk (as well as make all your co-workers jealous). Except for those with allergies, I have yet to meet any women who do not like receiving flowers on this special day.

2. A fancy dinner: This, too, is usually the norm for Valentine's Day. I always can appreciate a good meal, but the romantic ambiance has to be there, too. I recently bought this beautiful red dress that I am just waiting for the occasion to wear. It's rather formal (I probably would have worn it to the high school homecoming dance if I had owned it back then), so I'm not really sure when or where it will be appropriate to wear. But it's red, and I look hot in it, so I want to show it off this winter!

3. Jewelry: This can be a tricky one. There are so many factors involved: what's her taste, does she prefer silver or gold (this could refer to the color of the metal or the actual metal. I have an allergy to nickle that pretty much means I can only wear sterling silver or gold that's 14k or higher. Fits in with my princess personality, dontcha think?), what's her ring size, etc. It's all very complicated. So in this case, I think men should let their women pick out what they want (within reason of course. No Cartier if it's not within the budget!). I personally am loving the jewelry at Lou Lou in Bethesda right now. Too bad their website shows very little of what they actually sell in-store! They have these adorable little necklaces that have charms of the states on them. When I went in the last time they didn't have one for New Hampshire, but if they had, I would have bought it on the spot!

4. Unicorn stuff: My favorite animal is a unicorn. Yes, I know they're not real. But they are something I have loved since I was a little girl, and I don't think I will ever grow out of my pony phase. I came across this beautiful Swarovski crystal figurine of a unicorn that is very reminiscent of the one in The Last Unicorn, one of my favorite movies (I own the DVD and the soundtrack). And Tokidoki now has these cute "Unicorno" toys that come in "blind boxes," so you're taking a gamble on which toy you're going to get; there's also the DIY Unicorno that you can decorate yourself, but since I can't draw, I can already imagine giving it to my father and saying, "Make this pretty!"

Flowers? Check. Dinner? Check. Jewelry? Check. Something silly that only I would appreciate? Check. As long as one of these things happens for Valentine's Day this year, I will be a very happy girl!

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