Sunday, February 24, 2013


I LOVE sunglasses. The bigger, the better. I feel so glamorous in them, like Jackie O. They spice up any outfit, from a cute sundress to jeans and a t-shirt. And not only are they stylish, but they protect your eyes from UV rays. So why not look awesome AND be safe at the same time? If it's sunny out (and I haven't been completely lazy and I've actually put my contacts in), I'm wearing shades. And of course you need more than one pair! I have a black pair, a brown pair (kind of like tortoise shell), and a pair that has just one big lens that makes me feel like a hot motorcycle chick (similar to this). Sunglasses are an accessory that every woman should have, just like a pashmina scarf or a great pair of big earrings: throw any of these on, and you look 100% more put-together (and hotter, might I add).

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