Friday, February 8, 2013


I'm probably not the best person to write about because I rarely use it. I know people who swear by it when trying to find the perfect restaurant (based on type of food, location, price, etc.). I actually never use it to pick a place to eat. I use it exclusively to write reviews and rate restaurants. Maybe this is because I love sharing my opinions (which you should already know by now since reading this blog), and was created to share your thoughts on restaurants with others. My reviews range from super-fantastic to down-right nasty. Of course my favorite restaurants are romantic, dressy, and have an extensive cocktail menu (No, I am not a lush). However, I gave the local Dunkin' Donuts a high score, too: their peach sweet tea is delicious! The poor ratings I give to restaurants usually don't have to do with the food, but with the service. Nothing ruins my dining experience faster than an inattentive waitress or a bartender with an attitude. I encourage you to write some Yelp reviews, either to help other people seeking fabulous eats, or just to vent about that lazy waitress who didn't even earn that 15% tip.

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