Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make Your Own Cards and Put Hallmark Outta Business

So, I started making cards sometime in high school. A friend of my mom's had a home party for Stampin' Up!, which is like Mary Kay for card making supplies like papers, stamps, inks, etc. I really liked it because it was like scrap booking, except really useful! I love sending cards, from thank you notes to birthday cards, and that can get expensive ($4 for a piece of paper from Hallmark? I don't think so.). Now I can stay within my budget, plus add my own special touch to each card!

This afternoon, a group of friends gathered at my place to make Valentines. Now, I don't have all of the card making supplies with me: they're at my parents' house (in our special card making room, no less). But recent graduates are inventive and always find a way. We all pitched in what we already had: construction paper, scissors, glitter glue, the works. But we did have one handy gadget that we bought specifically for this occasion: the Embossing Heat Tool from Paper Source. This mini hair-dryer turns stamps and glitter into shiny liquid for beautiful card effects! We were all mesmerized as the gold glitter magically became what looks like gold-leaf ink. 

I think this hobby is a lot of fun. It's a creative outlet that you can put to good use for practical reasons. Plus, it's super-domestic: every woman needs a creative hobby, like crocheting, baking, etc. Why not card making? When you design and create your own wedding invitations or birth announcements, everyone will be impressed. And who doesn't like to show off every once in a while?

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