Monday, February 4, 2013


Again, another late post. However, I was up very late due to the Superbowl (a 30 minute delay due to a power outage? Thanks a lot, Beyoncé). So I hope you, my readers, will let it slide. The Superbowl is a very big deal, seeing as it is the most watched sporting event in America. Now, I'll admit that I will take any opportunity to host a party, no matter the cause for celebration. But out of tradition, I love the Superbowl. My parents always throw a party for it, and I look forward to it every year. Of course this year was even more exciting because the Baltimore Ravens were playing! I have always been a Ravens fan since I grew up in Maryland, and even though I live closer to DC than to Baltimore, I still wear purple. Better luck next year, Redskins. And the fact that we WON is even more awesome. I love winning!

The best part of the party is the food (obvi). I fast the whole morning and afternoon before the big game just so that I can gorge myself that night. My father's"pigs in a blanket" are my all-time favorite. We also serve chili and the makings for mini-sandwiches. Deviled eggs (my specialty) are hiding behind the Ravens ketchup and mustard bottles. Friends brought potato salad and this AMAZING pretzel and jello salad (don't knock it until you've tried it!).

And of course the star of the show (besides all of the athletes) was the Ravens cake. It certainly overshadowed my brownies! Our longtime friends brought this along with them, and we are so thankful! This is one of those cakes that has a heavy icing to cake ratio, so a sugar-rush is guaranteed. At first I just took a bite, but, like with all desserts, you can't just have one bite. So I controlled myself and just ate a little sliver. But there was plenty of cake left over, so I'm enjoying some of it now as I'm writing...
Mmmm....Please excuse me so I can enjoy this in private...

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