Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bar Review: Board Room DC

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I've been to this bar called Board Room a couple of times near Dupont Circle, and I think it's worth a trip. For one, their main attraction is the fact that they have TONS of games (boardgames as well as others). This includes classics like Monopoly and LIFE, card games like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, two-player games like Battleship and Connect Four, and my favorite: Boggle. People love playing games: you grew up with them, and you shouldn't have to stop liking them just because you're a grown-up (or pretending to be one). So this place let's you combine the childish activities with the adult drinking. Which gets me to the second reason I like this place. I tried their "Mrs. Peacock" cocktail (in honor of the game Clue), and it is delicious. I cannot begin to tell you how yummy it is. It's a citrus-based drink involving lemonade and strawberry-basil syrup, and it is VERY sweet. Tasty drinks like that can be dangerous; three of those and I'd be out like a light! Plus, this bar does not serve food, so you can bring food in, and even the pizza place nearby will give you a discount if you show them your Board Room receipt. How cool is that?

PS: While writing this blog I did a little research, and this bar has only been at Dupont since September of 2012! It fits in so well with the vibe of that area, and the decor feels older, so you'd think it had been around forever! 

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