Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Favorite online games

I'm not one for video games. Sure, I grew up playing The Sims on my computer or the PlayStation version of Frogger. But all in all, I've simply got better things to do with my time.

However, sometimes you just want a brain break. Well, I like puzzle games, so I guess they aren't really brain breaks. But they certainly take your mind off of more serious things! I've already written a post about my favorite smartphone games, but here are some for your computer:

1. Luminosity "Word Bubbles": This word game definitely makes you think! You are given the first three letters, and then you need to think of as many words as you can that start with those letters (in that order). It can help you with you vocabulary (especially if you cheat by looking at at the same time). I consider anything over 2000 points a good score.

2. Christmas Tree Light Up: I just recently discovered this game, and I am hooked! It's sort of like you are building a maze rather than going through one. The electricity to light up the tree has to go through the maze to reach all of the twinkly lights, and you have to make sure there's a clear path for the energy to get there. This brain teaser is addicting, I'm warning you!

3. Akinator: This genie can literally read your mind. It's like playing 20 questions, and he always figures out what/whom you're thinking of!

4. How well do you know your world?: This geography games has you try to pin-point on a map where you think cities are in the world. I'm not sure this is one of my favorite games (since I'm not very good at it), but you certainly learn something!

*For LOTS of games, I recommend visiting They have so many to choose from!

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