Monday, October 21, 2013

International Gold Cup Horse Races

Last weekend my girlfriends and I went to the International Gold Cup Races in Virginia. I had seen a Living Social deal for tickets months ago, and I thought it sounded fun. Once I found out that my aunt had gone when she was younger and said it was a great time, I bought the tickets. Here are some photos from our fun day. Definitely a perfect girls' day outing!

I got my name on a reserved parking space and everything! So fancy!

Even on such a cloudy, chilly day, hundreds (if not thousands) of people came out to tailgate and enjoy the races.

 When we first arrived, it was quite blustery! But, fashion before comfort! Notice all of our riding boots. It's like we stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog!

Before the races began, patriotic parachuters came falling in! I was very impressed by their graceful landing. 

And here are LOTS of horse pictures!

And of course we had to try on some lovely hats! 
Umm, I think it's a little big...

So stylish! I can't pull of hats, but my friends can!

Kaila ended up buying this purple hat to match her skirt. This is just too cute for words!

SO much fun! I'm already thinking about going to the races next spring!

See more incredible photos from my friend Steph Han here:

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