Friday, October 11, 2013

McDonald's Happy Meal

The other day, after a long train ride home from New York City, I stopped by a McDonald's near BWI Airport to grab dinner. I was hoping for a Mighty Kids Meal with chicken strips, but alas, this location didn't serve those (who decides [and how does that special someone decide] which locations will carry which menu items?). So I settled for a chicken nuggets Happy Meal (I'm a small person, so I don't need much more than that).

But I was not happy with my Happy Meal. The nuggets were cold, with the crust extra crunchy because there wasn't enough meat on the inside to fill the crispy shell. The fries were mediocre, and for some reason tasted really weird with my Coke (but maybe that's because I'm used to eating my fries with a milkshake). Plus, I had to decline the offer to have a toy in my box because it wasn't a My Little Pony toy, and therefore was worthless to me.

However, I should qualify this post with the fact that I had one of their bagel breakfast sandwiches this morning, and it was delicious and exactly what I wanted. Maybe NH locations just do it better than those in MD?

PS: This post makes it sound like I eat at Micky Dee's all the time. I don't, though sometimes I swear there's a fat kid living inside my skinny-mini body.

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