Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movie Review: A.C.O.D.

I don't know how mainstream this movie is. I never saw commercials for it on TV, and I ended up seeing it at E Street Cinema, a Landmark movie theater, where they mostly show independent films. But with such a great cast (including Adam Scott and Amy Poehler, both of whom are in Parks and Rec[reation] together), I was certainly curious.

This comedy is definitely laugh-out-loud funny, and has plenty of cringe-worthy awkwardness. Although I can't relate to dysfunctional families (this movie is all about how divorce affects children, while my parents have been married for 27 years), I still enjoyed the movie; their dysfunction was cute and funny rather than scary and turbulent like in more serious films. The last scene leaves you guessing what happens, which is fun for the imagination but frustrating because you really want to know the full ending! I think this is a great date movie and fully recommend it!

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