Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dartmouth Homecoming 2013

Last weekend was my first homecoming since graduation. I'm actually glad that I waited until two years out: everyone else goes back the first time, but I had moved on from college at that point. The second year is better because you're going back to enjoy Hanover and to feel the Green spirit, not to relive your college days and lament the fact that you're a grown-up now. Plus, very few of my '11 classmates were there, which is exactly what I wanted: I just wanted to remember Dartmouth for me and no one else.

The fall foliage was amazing in Hanover. It was fun seeing all of those old building surrounded by the yellow and orange leaves from the trees. Autumn is one of my favorite times to be in New Hampshire, which is probably why I never took a fall term off while I was at Dartmouth.

Baker Library is probably the most beautiful building on campus. Every time I'm in Hanover I can't help but stare in awe of it!

Dartmouth now has a new president, Phillip Hanlon '77, and this is his humble abode.

Occum Pond looks quite different when it isn't frozen and covered with ice skaters!

Epsilon Kappa Theta, my sorority house. One of the reasons I joined the sisterhood was for this castle-like building. I lived there for a year (my sophomore summer through my junior spring), and I loved it. While visiting last weekend, I got to meet a few of the new sisters. They were so sweet and reminded me why I joined the sisterhood in the first place.

During Homecoming, people are invited to take tours of the bell tower of Baker. You can see the little people in this photo! And we snuck into Sanborn Library, which makes everyone think of the library in Beauty and the Beast.

This is the structure of the bonfire before it becomes engulfed in flames. There were these ugly plastic borders around for safety, but luckily they were removed before the festivities started. And before everything got underway, I did meet with two friends (a '10 and a '15), and it was absolutely wonderful to see them. I was glad I got to pick and choose exactly who I wanted to meet up with!

The bonfire looks okay in this photo, but it actually seemed pretty small and sad this year. The middle was burning low, and the outside structure took a long time to finally collapse. Plus, the freshmen ('17s) were too busy instagram-ing the fire to actually run around it. So all in all, pretty lame. They really are the worst class ever.

My first alumni homecoming brought back many good memories. It reminded me why I went to school in the first place, the amazing people I met while I was there, and of my own freshman homecoming, which was probably one of the most fun weekends of my life (thus far, anyway).
I'm not sure when I'll go back next, but I'm glad I got to make this trip!

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