Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Smashburger

Now, I usually don't eat burgers. Occasionally I'll go to McDonald's if I happen to have a coupon, and if there's a backyard barbeque in the summertime, I will partake. But because they aren't very healthy, and I don't own a grill myself, I just doesn't eat them regularly. However, I went to Smashburger for the first time the other night, and it hit the spot! I was out drinking, and clearly needed to eat something if I wanted to be awake for the rest of the night. So I went to Smashburger and got the regular Classic burger with a side of regular fries. Both tasted just like they're supposed to. They were the epitome of what the burger-and-fries combo should taste like. The fries tasted just like McDonald's fries, but they were really tiny and cute. And my burger was delicious, though a bit messy because I drowned it in ketchup and mustard. My bad. And there was no way I could get a milkshake that night, but since I love shakes, I will definitely be back!

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