Thursday, January 31, 2013

Banana Desserts

I apologize that this post is coming late (though I'm pretty proud of myself that thus far yesterday is the only day I haven't written a blog post). I just wasn't inspired until late last night!

I had dinner at Newton's Table in Bethesda. They have a rather gourmet menu (which is a little pricey), but I was most interested in their desserts. The one that caught my eye was the banana caramel roll. Banana+Caramel=Heaven. So I had to try it. While it was small (it was a 4" roll that had been cut into 4 tiny pieces), it tasted amazing. It was one of those desserts that you can't help but make yummy noises while you eat it. Then of course it was drizzled with caramel, and once the roll was gone I made sure every speck of caramel was gone from that plate. I probably liked this treat so much because banana foster is one of my favorite desserts of all time. You just can't go wrong with banana goodness!

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