Friday, January 25, 2013


Since I just bought another one of these recently, I thought I should celebrate the bandeau. This "strip of cloth" (definition on Wikipedia) is much more than just that. A bandeau is yet another fashion piece that every woman should have on hand. They are perfect for wearing under thin shirts (from featherweight cotton tees to actual see-through shirts); nude-colored ones even give the illusion of bare skin without actually giving anything away. Bandeaus also can turn any top or dress with a deep V neckline into a demure outfit appropriate for work (Cleavage at work is NOT okay. Well, unless your occupation has to do with your appearance like a model, an exotic dancer, etc.). And if you have a cute bikini but don't want tan lines from the straps, a bandeau eliminates that problem. There are many varieties, and like my mother would say, "If you like something, buy one of every color!" So I have a simple navy blue one, as well as a lacy black one. And I can almost promise that I will at some point get another one. When many bandeaus cost less than $20, they're hard to resist!

<-- Daytime look: bandeau, briefcase, no make-up, glasses, hair pulled back
(modest, proper, conservative)

Night look: no bandeau, clutch, full make-up, --> hair down (sexy as hell)

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