Sunday, January 13, 2013

Personal Grooming: Tip #1

There are many tips I could give about personal grooming, but since I have 365 of these posts to write, I'll just give you one at a time. So, #1: Trim your nose hairs. I'm sure your instant reaction is "Ew!" but I think this is a part of personal hygiene that many people overlook. Nose hairs are something that people take for granted: they help filter the air you breathe, trapping solid particles so they don't go into your lungs. That's a pretty important thing, right? But nose hairs can still do their job without actually sticking out of your nostrils. If I'm looking at your profile, and I can see a dark hair descending from your inner nose, we've got a problem. Now some of you may be thinking that this is only a problem men face (and let's be honest, you know they don't notice AT ALL), but women should also keep their nose hairs tidy. This can easily be done with a tiny pair of trimming scissors, or with an electric trimmer specifically made for this purpose. "The ends justify the means," so just get it done, however you can. And this isn't something you have to do frequently: nose hairs don't grow that fast, so even every couple of months should do the trick. This is a preventive measure: the last thing you want is to have a friend, family member, or significant other look at you and say, "What is that sticking out of your nose?!" Yes...let's avoid this situation at all costs.

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