Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Better write that down...

I am a very organized person, but I swear if I don't write something down, I will forget to do it, pick it up from the store, or put it on my Christmas list. That is why I just love lists. I always need to have a notepad in my room so when the thought crosses my mind, I can immediately write it down. And even though I usually buy the same food every week (i.e. spinach, milk, and bananas), I can never go to the grocery store without my list (although Safeway's Just For U app is pretty handy). My mother even gave me a cute little Hello Kitty notepad with a magnet on the back for my fridge (see picture below. I have yet to unwrap it!).

At work I am the same way. I make a list of the day's tasks, who I need to call, which websites to post on for advertising events... My desk is a sea of Post-it notes. But each time I get something done, I love being able to cross it off, and I feel more accomplished as I go down the list. I recommend you try it! Even if it's just a list of errands you have to run over the weekend, once you see that you've vacuumed, gone to the bank, AND picked up the dry cleaning with time to spare, you'll feel efficient and be very relieved that you're all finished.

The same goes with keeping a planner with you at all times. Even if you have Outlook linked to your smartphone, I still recommend having a planner where you can quickly jot things down. You'll never miss an appointment, meeting, or luncheon again! And always write in pencil: you never know when something will get cancelled (or when something better will come up!).

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  1. Writing something down, scratching it off when it's done, and then ripping the page out of the notebook when it's alllll done. That is the best!