Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moving and Roommates

Today I got a new roommate! Now, this situation was easy for me since I was not the one moving. My previous roommate made a very swift transition: she found a new place about a month ago, packed up her stuff just a day or two before moving out, and she was gone by noon today. Quick and painless! So, if you ever are the one moving out, follow her steps by planning ahead and having a friend (or in her case, boyfriend) with a car to help you move everything out in just one or two trips. Around 4 today my new roommate arrived. She had spent the day packing up her things and going to IKEA to pick up her new furniture, and she showed up with a U-Haul filled to the brim. She too brought along a big strong man to help her out. I pitched in (always a nice gesture when you're moving in with someone new) and carried what my little arms could handle. But having 3 sets of hands made things move a lot faster!

Now our living room looks like this. But, I'm one to talk. Every year moving into a new room in college, my father would say, "Why do you have ALL this stuff?!" My main question is how she's going to fit all of this into her bedroom, but IKEA dressers and bed risers can do wonders. I have faith that she will be able to use some magic and "make it work" in the words of Tim Gunn. Plus, I'm sure she'll find things she doesn't really need and will downsize a bit.

I'm excited for this adventure! A new roomie (and hopefully a new good friend)!

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